Patriot Antenna- A revolution in the world of satellites

The patriot antenna is a revolutionary antenna system used primarily by the American army’s Surface to Air missile system in the past couple of years. The international satellite industry was definitely happy to see the development of this system, because it has indeed made the lives of a lot of people especially those in the control room, a tad less tedious. The applications of satellites as we know are only becoming more and more extensive and there really is no end to its development. Anything that will aim towards reducing the costs and increasing the reach of the application is definitely welcome, especially in the world of satellite systems.
The best thing about this series of antennae is that the range is increased by at least three times more than the previous versions and has found its way not just among satellite systems; it is also being widely inculcated in radar as well as sonar equipment and also underground submarine systems. The various versions of the Patriot Systems include MIM 104A, MIM 104B (PAC 1), MIM 104C (PAC 2), MIM 104D (PAC 2/ GEM), MIM 104F (PAC 3) and the most recent development includes PDB system consists of software which helps in distinguishing approaching targets. This is indeed a great breakthrough from the military point of view.
Apart from the exemplified range, the measure success rate on an average seems to be anywhere between 70-80% which is a significant improvement and another outstanding feature would be the increased battery capacity which really is a great advantage. There are several more options one can explore by making use of the patriot systems, as it is not just limited for military purposes. Of course, with such wide functionality, the cost is bound to be a major check point.

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