Cobham Group and Industries to Stop the Production of Patriot Antenna Products

Patriot is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of antenna systems. These antennas are used in the following industries, Cable, Broadcast, Military, VSAT and radio telescope industries. Quick deploy and Flyaway antennas and Prime Focus are the main product of the Patriot. The Patriot also offers a Broad Range of RF Accessories.

Cobham group and industries has recently announced to discontinue most of products of patriot and this decision of the company has instant effects on the receive-only antennas, large aperture antennas & related RF accessories. The patriot antenna will be delivered solely on the basis of on hand stock in the warehouses. Clients with backorder were informed about possible alternatives by the warehouses because Patriot antennas cannot be delivered to them.

Warehouses will now offer a new range of antennas to their clients and will keep the stock of Patriot products for maintenance purpose.

International Satellite Industry and Its Technology

During the past, the communication sector often faced many changes. This will continue for a very long period of time even in future. The most revolutionized aspects that has changed the communication sector to a great extent is the International Satellite Industry.

Most of the communication that takes place all across the world is mostly due to satellites, whether a person prefers to make personal or business calls using a landline telephone, a VoIP service provider, a mobile phone etc. The satellite industry has revolutionized the whole world. In the past, even to communicate with someone within a state had to make use of other postal services or a telegram. A telegram is a faster version which usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to deliver while postal services take a minimum of 4 to 6 days. Today, it is just a matter of few seconds wherein you just have to dial the other person’s telephone or mobile number. Thanks to the International Satellite Industry.