CSA Calls for DAB+ Standard Throughout France

Paris – Dec 9, 2011 – According to an article in Les Echos, the CSA is promoting the idea of the adoption of DAB+ as the digital radio standard throughout France. The subject was discussed at the CSA in early December and could soon take a turn more formal: An application may be made to the Minister of Industry, which sets the transmission standards. The adoption of this new standard would be an addition to the T-DMB standard chosen for digital TV back in 2008.

CSA Calls for DAB+ Standard Throughout France

Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December

Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December; about 70 workers will lose their jobs

Three years after being bought out by an international aerospace firm, employees at Albion-based Patriot Antenna found out this week they will be losing their jobs.

Officials from the U.K.-based Cobham notified the about 70 employees at Patriot Antenna the plant was closing Dec. 31. The work will be sent to one of its facilities in Orlando, Fla. and about a dozen will be offered the chance to move with the company.

Nov. 8 will be the last day for 31 employees, while 21 will remain as the company works to close the plant, the company said in a written statement.

Patriot Antenna was formed in 1992 and several years ago employed 120. Employees there made antennas for a variety of commercial and military applications. Cobham purchased the firm in 2007.

Monica Hallman, spokeswoman for Cobham Corporate North America wrote in a statement that the closure was necessary “to position the company and workforce for future success and growth while providing the best value to our customers.”

“Although the international satellite industry saw unprecedented growth up until about 3 years ago it has taken a significant decline since the world-wide recession hit,” Hallman said. “As we take this unfortunate but necessary step, we are working closely with our employees to facilitate their transition and educate them on the benefits they’re entitled to, including financial compensation, healthcare options and career counseling,” Hallman wrote.

Courtesy: http://www.mlive.com/business/jackson-lansing/index.ssf/2010/09/patriot_antenna_in_albion_to_c.html


Transmit/Receive VSAT Systems

– Multiple antenna sizes and frequency bands
– Superior surface accuracy
– Compact packaging

Flyaway VSAT Systems

– Fixed and motorized systems
– C, Ka, Ku, and X bands
– Easy to transport and assemble

Mobile VSAT Systems

– Lightweight for easy transport
– Quick deployment, “Lock-on” satellite
– Durable structure for solid performance

Large Aperture Antennas

– Demonstrate superior surface accuracy
– No on-site panel alignments required
– High-wind and full-motion

Broadcast / Prime Focus Antennas

– Ideal for broadcast and cable industry
– Motorized and fixed configurations
– Full line of options

DBS / DTH / Offset Antennas

– Precision draw reflectors for high surface accuracy
– Ka and Ku-Band applications
– DIRECTV approved antennas

Single Axis Antenna Controller

The RC1500 is a single axis inclined orbit satellite tracking antenna controller which is designed to interface to antennas powered by 36 volt DC actuators with built-in limit switches and pulse type position sensors. If the beam width of the antenna is much greater than the width of the pattern of the satellites apparent motion single axis tracking of inclined orbit satellites can be successfully implemented. The RC1500 can either be used in conjunction with a steer-able antenna whose plane of movement is aligned with the long dimension of the narrow figure eight pattern of the satellite’s apparent motion or with fixed antennas which employ a steer-able feed assembly.

– An intuitive user interface based on a 2 by 16 liquid crystal display and a 16 key keypad.
– Interfaces with pulse based position sensors – reed switch, Hall effect, or optical.
– Servo based polarization control. An optional daughter board, designated RC2KPOL, can interface with a 5 to 24 volt DC powered rotating equipped with a potentiometer for position feedback.
– Serial communications via an RS-422 port. The RC1500 uses the industry standard SA Bus protocol.
– Rack Mounting (2 rack units high), 115/230 VAC Switch Selectable Power Input

The RC1500 provides tracking for inclined orbit satellites via Step Track, Search, and Memory Track algorithms. An analog voltage (in the range of 0 to 10 volts) proportional to signal strength is required for peaking the satellite. This voltage is usually provided by a receiver or modem AGC output but can also be generated by a beacon receiver.

Setup of the tracking system is straight forward. From the controller’s CONFIG mode the user enters the following information:

– Antenna Size
– Antenna Latitude and Longitude
– Maximum Tracking Error in tenths of dB
– Elevation Constant (the number of elevation position counts per degree of antenna elevation movement)
– AGC Polarity (positive polarity implies that a stronger satellite signal produces a greater AGC voltage)
– AGC Threshold (an AGC level above the threshold implies that a satellite signal is present).

When a track is initiated on a satellite the user is prompted for: the satellite’s longitude, the satellite’s current inclination, and the satellite’s frequency band(s) – C, Ku, C/Ku, L, X, Ka.

From this information the controller is able to automatically determine the optimum tracking parameters.

– Step Track step size.
– Interval between Step Track peaking operations.
– Frequency of Memory Track antenna alignment operations.

Bob Uecker to be Inducted Into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Washington – Dec 12, 2011 – Long-time Major League Baseball radio broadcaster and “The voice of the Milwaukee Brewers” Bob Uecker will be inducted into the NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame during the 2012 NAB Show Radio Luncheon. Known as Mr. Baseball, Uecker is entering his 42nd year calling play-by-play on the Brewers Radio Network and Journal Broadcasting Group’s WTMJ in Milwaukee. The former-player-turned-broadcaster has completed 30 seasons as the club’s lead announcer, and he will celebrate his 57th year associated with professional baseball in 2012.

Bob Uecker to be Inducted Into NAB Broadcasting Hall of Fame

Toyota Camry to Offer DAB Radio for Australia

Sydney, Australia – Dec 12, 2011 – CNET reports the new Toyoto Camry Atara SL will become the most affordable car to support the DAB+ standard used by Australian radio stations. Up until now the only cars to offer local buyers the option of digital radio were the BMW 5-Series and 7-Series, and Audi’s A6, A7 and A8 models.The SL also includes a satellite navigation system with live traffic updates.

Toyota Camry to Offer DAB Radio for Australia