Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December

Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December; about 70 workers will lose their jobs

Three years after being bought out by an international aerospace firm, employees at Albion-based Patriot Antenna found out this week they will be losing their jobs.

Officials from the U.K.-based Cobham notified the about 70 employees at Patriot Antenna the plant was closing Dec. 31. The work will be sent to one of its facilities in Orlando, Fla. and about a dozen will be offered the chance to move with the company.

Nov. 8 will be the last day for 31 employees, while 21 will remain as the company works to close the plant, the company said in a written statement.

Patriot Antenna was formed in 1992 and several years ago employed 120. Employees there made antennas for a variety of commercial and military applications. Cobham purchased the firm in 2007.

Monica Hallman, spokeswoman for Cobham Corporate North America wrote in a statement that the closure was necessary “to position the company and workforce for future success and growth while providing the best value to our customers.”

“Although the international satellite industry saw unprecedented growth up until about 3 years ago it has taken a significant decline since the world-wide recession hit,” Hallman said. “As we take this unfortunate but necessary step, we are working closely with our employees to facilitate their transition and educate them on the benefits they’re entitled to, including financial compensation, healthcare options and career counseling,” Hallman wrote.



Transmit/Receive VSAT Systems

– Multiple antenna sizes and frequency bands
– Superior surface accuracy
– Compact packaging

Flyaway VSAT Systems

– Fixed and motorized systems
– C, Ka, Ku, and X bands
– Easy to transport and assemble

Mobile VSAT Systems

– Lightweight for easy transport
– Quick deployment, “Lock-on” satellite
– Durable structure for solid performance

Large Aperture Antennas

– Demonstrate superior surface accuracy
– No on-site panel alignments required
– High-wind and full-motion

Broadcast / Prime Focus Antennas

– Ideal for broadcast and cable industry
– Motorized and fixed configurations
– Full line of options

DBS / DTH / Offset Antennas

– Precision draw reflectors for high surface accuracy
– Ka and Ku-Band applications
– DIRECTV approved antennas

How Effective is Satellite Internet?

International satellite industry has grown leaps and bounds after Internet took over the communication sector. It is known that the international satellite internet services are widely used all around the globe. The high speed internet that we use today is totally because of the satellites. These wide improvements in technology have made things easy and quick. The use of the satellites have given the opportunity to visually experience places that cannot be seen physically. One of the most important uses of the satellites is that people are able to perform tasks in seconds from their own place. The internet facility along with the satellite industry has made these things possible.
The satellites are of much use to the people in remote areas than those in the urban areas. People in remote areas that do not have modem or dial-up connection, rely on these satellite system. These people in the remote areas will have to register to a service provider which deals with the sales of the satellite equipment. Once you register, you need to install a dish at your place to access the Internet. People can either use single satellite equipment or can share neighbor’s equipment to access Internet. To share your Internet equipment, you need to register for it separately. Neighbors can share the connection according to the payment they make.
Installation of these satellites provides you high speed Internet even in the rural areas. The satellite communication can be used in both houses and work places. The high speed internet makes it helpful for the customers it satisfies the needs of the people in a quick and efficient manner. Once you have installed a dish, accessing and getting data from the net is a cake walk.
Thus, International satellite industry has been a special boon to the people and is solely responsible for the spurt in internet usage even in remote locations.

Advantages Of International Satellite Industry

The International Satellite Industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. The growing demand for satellite communication in day to day activities has become a routine and this is the reason for the growth of satellite industry. The mobile phones and the Internet contribute the maximum to the satellite industry. The situation has come where there is no life without the use of Internet. The satellites have been extremely useful in finding out places that cannot be visited physically. It has also helped to study the geography, demography and other conditions of the uninhabited places.
Not only contributing to the one particular industry, satellites have a major role in every field. It has proved that the satellites beat the impossible. A cabled modem is not at all necessary in this age to access Internet. A satellite dish properly placed in your house will do the job. You can access Internet and accomplish many tasks in a jiffy. Rural areas which don’t use the modem services can use the satellite dishes for their easy access to the Internet. The use of satellite dish meets the customer’s needs in an efficient manner.
The two-way satellite system is also a craze among the technology lovers. One can send and receive files and messages from a very small aperture terminal satellite. This will be transferred to your hub with the use of satellites. Two-way satellites system has major advantages that can cater to the needs of different people at the same time. One can also be cost-effective by sharing your satellite with your neighbors. Also, the customers will be given access according to the payment they make. Thus, the satellite industry has revolutionized the lives of people in the globe.

International satellite industry – Scaling New Heights

Over the last decade, if you had to pick an industry that has the maximum technological growth, it would definitely be the communication industry without doubts. Various innovations have contributed to reach greater heights in this industry. The growth in different departments involves the use of satellite technology at some point of time. Ever since the satellite system came into existence, it has linked people around the world. The international satellite industry is responsible for the communication that happens all around the globe. Efficient communication systems have made transactions possible in a fast and quick manner.
The international satellite industry is one of the major reasons for the boom in the business sector. During the older days, passing a message to your clients is very difficult. It would take days or even a month to reach the right destination. But after the satellite system came into place, any transaction or and message reaches your client’s inbox in microseconds. This trend has received a lot of appreciation from people of different sectors. Another important innovation of mankind in this field is the Internet. Both Internet and the satellite system have taken communication to the next level that is not even up for grabs.
At first, the signals had been transmitted through television cables and other sidelined areas. This had made communication a bit difficult. This situation has been resolved only after the advent of Internet satellite technology. This is one reason why the satellite industry has become a factor that governs the growth of any country, thanks to the world where globalization plays a major role today. People from inaccessible areas such as deserts just need a satellite tower to get in touch with people. With a satellite tower set up, the entire area could be benefited. That’s the power of today’s communication infrastructure!

Patriot antennas – The vintage vigilante

With the advancement in technology, there are a lot of problems to be taken care of by making efficient usage of the same. The problems that are faced by any government or private organization is breaching their security and stealing the information. Another major difficulty faced by a citizen of any country is terrorism. The technological developments over the years have been used for some fruitful purposes as well as misused in a lot of ways. There are lot of scientists and other people working to create a strong antenna to avoid this breach in security as much as they can. These kinds of antennae were founded in the early 1990’s to serve the United States Military forces.
In 1992, Patriot antenna’s, founded by the U.S Military forces was set up to maintain the security of the country. Also, these antennae don’t just serve military purposes but are also used for cable, broadcast and communicative purposes. It is also noted that the patriot antennae rose to the peak in its early time, but the growth has slightly declined because of the recession. The recent development in these antennae is that the range of coverage has been expanded approximately three times the previous versions. The patriot antennas have been installed in submarines, radar and sonar equipment. The applications of satellites have been of more use to the world of security and the development in these areas doesn’t seem to find an end.
Also, the satellites haven of greater use for the communication sector. The communication that happens through satellites or telephones makes use of the satellites for easy passage of signals. The international satellite industry was high on joy to see such a growth in the antenna sector. It is also a known fact that the antennae use satellites to up-link and down-link the signals they receive.

Patriot Antenna- A revolution in the world of satellites

The patriot antenna is a revolutionary antenna system used primarily by the American army’s Surface to Air missile system in the past couple of years. The international satellite industry was definitely happy to see the development of this system, because it has indeed made the lives of a lot of people especially those in the control room, a tad less tedious. The applications of satellites as we know are only becoming more and more extensive and there really is no end to its development. Anything that will aim towards reducing the costs and increasing the reach of the application is definitely welcome, especially in the world of satellite systems.
The best thing about this series of antennae is that the range is increased by at least three times more than the previous versions and has found its way not just among satellite systems; it is also being widely inculcated in radar as well as sonar equipment and also underground submarine systems. The various versions of the Patriot Systems include MIM 104A, MIM 104B (PAC 1), MIM 104C (PAC 2), MIM 104D (PAC 2/ GEM), MIM 104F (PAC 3) and the most recent development includes PDB system consists of software which helps in distinguishing approaching targets. This is indeed a great breakthrough from the military point of view.
Apart from the exemplified range, the measure success rate on an average seems to be anywhere between 70-80% which is a significant improvement and another outstanding feature would be the increased battery capacity which really is a great advantage. There are several more options one can explore by making use of the patriot systems, as it is not just limited for military purposes. Of course, with such wide functionality, the cost is bound to be a major check point.

Patriot Antennas- Facilitating Seamless Transmission for Ages!

The Patriot antenna’s latest modified antennas typify solid performance. These antennas provide patrons with an extra link fringe for hub stations in their VSAT network, video uplink, or SCPC central station. It offers a new 3.8m and 4.8m Deployable Trailer Mount Antennas. The clients can cherish the joint expediency and eminence through these high performance antennas. Patriot’s ground penetrating radar has both government and private sector applications counting land-mine detection and petroleum pipeline explore and scrutiny. The major product of the patriot is the Quick deploy Flyaway antennas and Prime Focus. It has released a new-fangled antenna mount that uses a customized plane to permit a more practical Azimuth Fine Tune adjustment. The antennas can be mounted via a three step process that meets the positioning requirements of VSAT specially VSAT Tx/Rx antenna systems.
Patent no. 5648787 was issued to protect Patriot’s antenna that augments the company’s existing radar by producing extremely short pulses. The technology enhancement allows implementation of faster and more efficient signal processing algorithms. Patriot Scientific Corp. designs, manufactures and markets the high-performance ISDN Basic Rate and Primary Rate products for digital communications. These are also used as radar technology by the Navy for transmitting and receiving radio frequency (RF) signals for potential stealth communications.
This antenna system facilitates the International satellite industry by transfiguring the communication sector to a greater scope. Most of the communication be it through the telephone or the internet, satellites have been elemental in enabling an easy passage of signals to the receiving end. These signals are passed through the antennas kept at every place. It is made possible through the international satellite industry that uses the best patriot antennas for an effectual communication. These antennas are also used in the allied industries like Cable, Broadcast, Military, VSAT and radio telescope.

Cobham Group and Industries to Stop the Production of Patriot Antenna Products

Patriot is a worldwide manufacturer and distributor of antenna systems. These antennas are used in the following industries, Cable, Broadcast, Military, VSAT and radio telescope industries. Quick deploy and Flyaway antennas and Prime Focus are the main product of the Patriot. The Patriot also offers a Broad Range of RF Accessories.

Cobham group and industries has recently announced to discontinue most of products of patriot and this decision of the company has instant effects on the receive-only antennas, large aperture antennas & related RF accessories. The patriot antenna will be delivered solely on the basis of on hand stock in the warehouses. Clients with backorder were informed about possible alternatives by the warehouses because Patriot antennas cannot be delivered to them.

Warehouses will now offer a new range of antennas to their clients and will keep the stock of Patriot products for maintenance purpose.

International Satellite Industry and Its Technology

During the past, the communication sector often faced many changes. This will continue for a very long period of time even in future. The most revolutionized aspects that has changed the communication sector to a great extent is the International Satellite Industry.

Most of the communication that takes place all across the world is mostly due to satellites, whether a person prefers to make personal or business calls using a landline telephone, a VoIP service provider, a mobile phone etc. The satellite industry has revolutionized the whole world. In the past, even to communicate with someone within a state had to make use of other postal services or a telegram. A telegram is a faster version which usually takes about 24 to 48 hours to deliver while postal services take a minimum of 4 to 6 days. Today, it is just a matter of few seconds wherein you just have to dial the other person’s telephone or mobile number. Thanks to the International Satellite Industry.

The Innumerable Uses Of Commercial Antenna

Antennas are used for signal reception. There are different companies that provide various different models of commercial antenna that can help you specifically for your use. Commercial antenna is build for commercial use that can stand different weather condition and still have great signal reception. With these antennas, the focus is to help the common people make use of the best of wireless technologies. There are a lot of different companies that build such antennas for use. If you have a specific demand that needs to be met, there are agencies that deliver tailor made designs of antennas specifically as per your demands, needs and preferences.

Generally, antenna do not require you to be so choosy as all you really need to care about is the fact that they should have a strong signal reception system in place and should be successful in giving you quality picture all throughout the year without any performance drop.

Acoustics First PhaseFOAM

The PhaseFOAM system allows you to configure the sound and room design using the key components contained in these two simple acoustic foam kits. Box A includes 16 pieces of 1′ x 1′ x 2″ thick high density wedge pattern acoustical foam used to absorb sound, prevent phase cancellations, and design visual interest. Box B contains two pair of Triangle Traps. The design of the bass trap allows for various corner configurations and installation direct to a wall or ceiling to provide low frequency sound absorption anywhere in the room.

Acoustics First PhaseFOAM