Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December

Patriot Antenna in Albion to close doors in December; about 70 workers will lose their jobs

Three years after being bought out by an international aerospace firm, employees at Albion-based Patriot Antenna found out this week they will be losing their jobs.

Officials from the U.K.-based Cobham notified the about 70 employees at Patriot Antenna the plant was closing Dec. 31. The work will be sent to one of its facilities in Orlando, Fla. and about a dozen will be offered the chance to move with the company.

Nov. 8 will be the last day for 31 employees, while 21 will remain as the company works to close the plant, the company said in a written statement.

Patriot Antenna was formed in 1992 and several years ago employed 120. Employees there made antennas for a variety of commercial and military applications. Cobham purchased the firm in 2007.

Monica Hallman, spokeswoman for Cobham Corporate North America wrote in a statement that the closure was necessary “to position the company and workforce for future success and growth while providing the best value to our customers.”

“Although the international satellite industry saw unprecedented growth up until about 3 years ago it has taken a significant decline since the world-wide recession hit,” Hallman said. “As we take this unfortunate but necessary step, we are working closely with our employees to facilitate their transition and educate them on the benefits they’re entitled to, including financial compensation, healthcare options and career counseling,” Hallman wrote.



Transmit/Receive VSAT Systems

– Multiple antenna sizes and frequency bands
– Superior surface accuracy
– Compact packaging

Flyaway VSAT Systems

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Mobile VSAT Systems

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How Effective is Satellite Internet?

International satellite industry has grown leaps and bounds after Internet took over the communication sector. It is known that the international satellite internet services are widely used all around the globe. The high speed internet that we use today is totally because of the satellites. These wide improvements in technology have made things easy and quick. The use of the satellites have given the opportunity to visually experience places that cannot be seen physically. One of the most important uses of the satellites is that people are able to perform tasks in seconds from their own place. The internet facility along with the satellite industry has made these things possible.
The satellites are of much use to the people in remote areas than those in the urban areas. People in remote areas that do not have modem or dial-up connection, rely on these satellite system. These people in the remote areas will have to register to a service provider which deals with the sales of the satellite equipment. Once you register, you need to install a dish at your place to access the Internet. People can either use single satellite equipment or can share neighbor’s equipment to access Internet. To share your Internet equipment, you need to register for it separately. Neighbors can share the connection according to the payment they make.
Installation of these satellites provides you high speed Internet even in the rural areas. The satellite communication can be used in both houses and work places. The high speed internet makes it helpful for the customers it satisfies the needs of the people in a quick and efficient manner. Once you have installed a dish, accessing and getting data from the net is a cake walk.
Thus, International satellite industry has been a special boon to the people and is solely responsible for the spurt in internet usage even in remote locations.

Advantages Of International Satellite Industry

The International Satellite Industry has grown leaps and bounds in the last decade. The growing demand for satellite communication in day to day activities has become a routine and this is the reason for the growth of satellite industry. The mobile phones and the Internet contribute the maximum to the satellite industry. The situation has come where there is no life without the use of Internet. The satellites have been extremely useful in finding out places that cannot be visited physically. It has also helped to study the geography, demography and other conditions of the uninhabited places.
Not only contributing to the one particular industry, satellites have a major role in every field. It has proved that the satellites beat the impossible. A cabled modem is not at all necessary in this age to access Internet. A satellite dish properly placed in your house will do the job. You can access Internet and accomplish many tasks in a jiffy. Rural areas which don’t use the modem services can use the satellite dishes for their easy access to the Internet. The use of satellite dish meets the customer’s needs in an efficient manner.
The two-way satellite system is also a craze among the technology lovers. One can send and receive files and messages from a very small aperture terminal satellite. This will be transferred to your hub with the use of satellites. Two-way satellites system has major advantages that can cater to the needs of different people at the same time. One can also be cost-effective by sharing your satellite with your neighbors. Also, the customers will be given access according to the payment they make. Thus, the satellite industry has revolutionized the lives of people in the globe.